Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Whittles Rock Pub Battle of the Bands FINAL!

This gig is one of the highlights of the bands career so far; they had up to now battled their way through two rounds and had found themselves in the final of the 2012 Whittles Rock Pub Battle of the Bands. The first heat the band sat on a table in the corner of the pub eyeing up other bands discussing how they thought they were all better musicians, I also recall some members of the band saying, “If we go out tonight at least it’s a venue we can say we have gigged”. Shock horror surprise, they went through.
Round two I heard the same, “If we go out tonight at least we’ve come this far”. Surprise horror shock they went through.
THE FINAL, Purge played to a great turn out from their fans, and to a pretty packed pub with six band and all their fans cramming into the building on the night. This may just be me being biased but I think that they absolutely brought the house down, Bob’s on stage presence ripe with the crowd hanging on his every hip movement and every roll of an R. Haiden smashing every solo he was faultless in his technical ability that night, Danny didn’t stop smiling all the way through the gig and Josh headbanging like there was no tomorrow. What a truly electrifying gig.
For me it was only ever going to be between two bands, Purge and a great band named thirteen stars, and this was the exact perfect result Thirteen stars second and Purge in first place the place erupted. 
Check out the video below for the full title winning gig.

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