Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bamfest 2013

This gig was one of the lower profile gigs at the time for Purge it was between playing two of the biggest gigs they would have (academy and one gig I’ve yet to talk about) never the less the band but on a great performance. The crowd mainly consisted of quite young people not the usual age of the audience for Purge gigs. I know I felt very uncomfortable although I do have to say this gave the boys a very relaxed feeling during their set. It almost felt as though they weren’t trying to impress anyone.
Left to right Joshy Laa, Bob, and Mr Haiden Mchale
Moody lot :)
Danny boy for once not smiling
This gig they had a proper rock star attitude about them, almost moody and it worked the Purge regulars were treated to their usual enjoyable set. Whereas everyone else was left asking more about this moody, mysterious band. No mosh pit in this with the kiddies about although was still a very enjoyable gig.

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