Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ruby Lounge Manchester

Haiden Mchale has always wanted to play Ruby Lounge Manchester ever since I’ve known him he has always talked about playing this venue and Islington Mill. And unfortunately the term never meet your heroes can be applied to this venue. Ruby Lounge is one of the biggest venues for up and coming bands in and around Manchester but for me and the rest of the Purge group we found the sound engineers to be BAD. This was the worst sounding gig I have ever hear Purge play, and I don’t think this was down to the boys in any way, the whole set up seemed to be very unorganised.

Saying this though the boys do what they do best in these situations, they had a shit load of fun up on the stage. They were feeding back off the audience dancing around on the stage and at one point even throwing CD’s into the audience, they didn’t give a shit. This was a very drunken night for everyone and it was great.

Josh doesn't give a shit
Bob doesn't give a shit
Haiden doesn't give a shit
And this is a mint picture of Danny... Still doesn't give a shit though

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