Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Factory 251

Factory was yet another big gig for the band, held in Factory nightclub Manchester, in the building which used to house Factory Music headquarters (probably the biggest music label to come out of the Manchester area). Standing in the crowd you couldn’t help but feel that this was a real music venue if the walls could talk they would be able to tell you stories you could only imagine.

The gig it’s self was delayed as all bands were running late but when Purge came on I can honestly say that I was ripe with anticipation, and yet again the band delivered. For me this gig Haiden Mchale excelled himself he was so tight on this night it was unbelievable, I do have to say though that since the band had a kick up their arse from Wendy Smith (band manager) the guy have been getting tighter every gig.

All in all though a brilliant gig.

HAIDEN...Y, tight as fook on the night, left hand is a blur

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