Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Hard Rock Cafe - Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands FINAL!

This was and still is the biggest gig that Purge have ever played to date, They had already won their heat to be entered into the final of the competition with one of the judges saying that, “Purge were tighter than a dolphin’s arsehole”. The night was full of anticipation I personally couldn’t wait, the full Purge fan base must have turned out for this gig as when the band were performing I could not move.
Up on the stage
Picture by Helen Gradwell
The band was up against two other bands, A Joker’s Rage and Boomin and they drew the end slot, they had to close the show, instead of this they opened a show of their own, for me Purge was the show. This was truly one of the best gigs of my life topped off with a full on mosh pit and a cracking performance from the mighty Purge.
What a great shot.
Picture by Helen Gradwell
All tricks and trades were pulled out by the band Haiden played out of his skin, the band was so tight it was almost like a pre recorded gig and it was all mimed on the stage, the sound wasn’t the best although from the way Purge played you wouldn’t have been able to tell. And throughout the full gig I don’t think I seen one single member of the band or the fan base without a smile on their face.
Purge's crowd
Unfortunately the band were runners up in the competition although they did gain a lot of notoriety through it, meaning they have secured a gig at Mockfest hosted by Real XS radio station, one of Manchesters biggest festivals this year. CRACKING NIGHT

Haiden the beast
Andrew Blair a huge Purge fan showing his support on the night

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