Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Manchester Club Academy

This unfortunately is another one of the gigs my memory fails me on a little, yes I was plastered. From what I do remember of the gig though is the best sound I’ve heard this band play, the sound engineers really knew what they were doing. This again is one of the best gigs that band had played so far, yet again the crowd turned out for this one with over sixty of Purge’s own fans turning up on top of the other bands fans in the room.
Bob just doing what he does
This is the first gig that Purge fans also experienced a proper mosh pit, the last song in their set list which is always Machette is the perfect tempo to throw yourself into each other. I was right in the middle and enjoyed every second of it. A couple of thick lips later and the gig was over everyone was raving about it. And by the way the person who started the mosh pit ...... the guitarist from another band, he was loving it.

Joshuaaaaa, Danny in the background
Haiden looking very happy

Below is Purge performing Tattoo at the gig, can't help but love Bob's stage presence.

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