Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Penwortham Arts Centre Preston

This gig was a couple of days after the Ruby Lounge gig and it was exactly what the band needed, for one it was a youth gig meaning there was no alcohol available, well there was in the pub down the road which me and Andrew Blair (another avid gig goer) spent some time in. And two the sound in this amateur venue put Ruby Lounge’s to shame. The stage wasn’t bad either, a really professional set up which we were all impressed with.

A great venue, the youth of Preston is so lucky

The band headlined the night and the relaxed atmosphere of the crowd meant that they smashed it, there was a sense the young people in the audience were really looking up to the band members. It was a really chilled out and enjoyable gig, who needs beer eh.... well me.  

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