Friday, 5 April 2013

St Gregory's Bolton (Naaahhh Phoenix Club is better)

The gig at St Gregory’s Club in Bolton (I prefer The Phoenix Club where the hit Peter Kay series Phoenix nights was filmed) was one of my favourite gigs to attend, this was partly because I was hammered but mainly it was because when Purge got up onto the stage in a packed room, they were not nervous or shy but they were the life and soul of the room. 
Bunch of puddins
Picture by TOMOGRAPHY.
 This was one of the gigs you could look at them and they would all be having immense fun on the stage. This is also one of the first gigs the Purge hip sway was put in to motion if I remember correctly, all the fans gyrate their hips in unison with the band to a riff in a certain song called Song for George (a Purge classic). It makes for a right laugh at every gig. This was also the first time I heard their most successful song in my opinion up to date, Machette.
Go on Joshy La



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