Friday, 5 April 2013

Intro to the Band!

Right then this is my first time as a blogger so let us hope I don’t bore you to death. I will be trying to get you interested in gig going experiences, the experiences of one band in particular named PURGE! They are a four piece band made up of Bob Hunter (lead vocals and accompany guitar), Haiden Mchale (lead guitar), Josh Wirth (bass guitar and backing vocals) and last but not least Danny Smith (yeah the drums well done you guessed correct). They hail from the greater Manchester region and will split your ear drums with some lovely funk grunge rock.  They’ve been going for around about nearly two years now (if I’m not mistaken). Their achievements up to date are as follows, winners of the Whittles Rock Pub Battle of the bands 2012, Runners up of the Hard Rock Cafe Manchester Battle of the Bands 2013 (was either second or third place the buggers wouldn’t tell us) and are currently competing in the Castle rock Studios Battle of the Bands 2013 having secured a semi final position. They have played venues across Greater Manchester such as Manchester Club Academy, Ruby Lounge Manchester, Factory Manchester and Blind Tiger Bolton; they have also secured a spot in Mockfest a festival hosted by Real XS radio station. I am an avid gig goer for this band and have witnessed some truly amazing nights and performances. In the following posts I will be taking you through the gigs these guys have had and hopefully you might even come along to one after reading this blog (miracle). Everybody meet Purge.
From left to right: Haiden, Danny, Bob and Joshy Lad.

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