Friday, 5 April 2013

Gulliver's Manchester (Bob's Jekyll & Hyde moment)

Bob nearly collapsed on stage

The gig at Gulliver’s Manchester was one of the first gigs I went to after establishing myself as a follower of the band, this was the gig I discovered the mad front man which was coming out in Mr Bob Hunter. The band played a half hour set to a fairly average audience but this was for me when Bob Hunter started moulding his on stage persona he has today. He was swaying his hips and rolling his r’s at the end of lyrics. This is something Purge fans have come to know and love about the way Bob performs, and so they should as it’s a really unique stage presence. He had to even have a break as he was literally playing himself into a state when he near enough collapsed on the stage.

Haiden McHale (lead guitar)
Break over the band came back and all put on a blistering show the crowd enjoyed as did the band themselves, fusing funky riffs with grunge to do what they do best. Make shit hot music, what a great night they made of an average crowd.
Josh warming up in green room.

Bob looking like a cool bastard and Danny going for it in the background.

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